Pharmazone has various Subject Matter Experts for detailed technical guidance and highly experienced Project Managers who are responsive, proactive, and will ensure that the right resources are aligned to maximize efficiency throughout the project.

They provide leadership and oversight to our teams and serve as a single point of contact for our clients.

Our Project Managers have extensive domain experience to coordinate the complex GxP projects and Regulatory Affairs.

We believe that timelines and critical milestones are met through focus, priority, and relevant experience.

Project Statistics

Here is Pharmazone’s project statistics in all five service domains.


GCP, GMP, Regulatory affairs, Training, Concept & Consulting

Monitoring Statistics

Monitoring service in GCP has been the prime service during initial years at Pharmazone and various therapeutic areas were covered in Monitoring service.


Below is the distribution of therapeutic areas in our entire experience.

Regulatory scope covered in Monitoring

Wide regulatory scope projects are covered so far in Pharmazone’s monitoring service.


Below is the distribution to include the key regulatory scopes.

CROs Audited

With huge experience in Monitoring, we could hold the great grip in CRO auditing as well.


Below is the geographic distribution of CROs audited so far. We have covered almost all the key regions. This makes us more reliable in CRO auditing.

Complex Projects

Pharmazone has worked not only on simple bio-projects, there is good experience is handling complex projects.


Injectable, Dermal application, Inhalation, Nicotine chewing gums are few of them. Below distribution shows our experience in Complex projects.

Being trendsetter

Pharmazone has always been a trendsetter in the industry starting from Monitoring bioanalytical projects to Monitoring in GMP to conceptualize the process.


Below is the line of trendsetting.

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GMP Statistics

Working in GMP segment has been superb and below distribution is for the GMP projects following areas.


API auditing, Formulations and Plant upgradation.

Manufacturing Sited Audited

With experienced and highly skilled GMP auditors, Pharmazone has completed 500+ projects in API auditing.


Below is the geographic distribution of site audited so far. We have covered almost all the key regions. This shows our access to all regions.

Training Statistics

Having experts in all areas, viz, GCP, GMP and Regulatory affairs, put Pharmazone in a position to lead the Training service.


Various training on key and demanding topics are done at different organizations including an evolving Regulatory agency.

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